Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday April 22, 2010

My Fav Run
After my day off yesterday , this moring I set out with my buddy, Doug to my favorite under 10 mile course.
The sun is just rising out of the east as we begin the run, slow at first. The River Trail is winding, and the detour off the trail is 3 miles of COOL!
Rolling thru this most beautiful course you just get lost in the perfectly manicured grounds.
During the season I do not dare get out later than 6:30 and only during the week day. As the groundskeepers glance my way , they say nothing and I just keep going.
The pace quickened as the run progressed and I am sure the last mile was the quickest.
I have a new Garmin and did not have it set up for this run, but it will tell me everything I want to know about my runs now .
The best is accurate distance and pace per mile , this will be great for my longer tempo runs leading up to NYC
It was great running with Doug , we talked the whole way. His take may be different but a few years back we could push each other pretty well, and that is always good for training!
7.25 on Doug's Garmin and each mile was faster

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